May 2, 2024 Courtroom Testimony - View from the Witness Stand Class Registration: Commerce, CA

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BBS Narcotics Enforcement Training & Consulting, LLC

Police officers will put hours, days and even weeks to make a criminal case and never think about how they will present the case in court. Many officers dread the prospect of testifying in a court case. This is usually due to the unknown aspect of testifying or not feeling like they are in control. Testifying is one important aspect of a police investigation. Understanding their role in presenting a case in court will assist the officer while on the witness stand and hopefully ease their dread.

This course will look at what is expected of a police officer while on the witness stand. This will help officers be able to better prepare for their testimony. Throughout the course we will discuss tactics often used by defense attorneys to shake up the confidence an officer has in their testimony. During the class we will look at ways officers can testify to offset or counter these tactics. This course will concentrate on improving an officer's ability to present their case to the court.

The instructor for the class will be Brian Sallee. Brian retired as a detective from the Albuquerque Police Department. He was a police officer for 40 years and spent over 31 years working narcotics units. Brian has testified on hundreds of occasions in grand juries, preliminary hearings, as well as criminal and civil trials. He has testified in numerous cases as an expert witness.

LA HIDTA Training Room
5801 East Slauson Ave.
Commerce, CA 90040

Thursday May 2, 2024

COST: $115.00 (group discounts available)

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